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Uncover the Facts About Epidurals -
Epidural Workbook

Discover The Good, The Bad, and The Truth About Epidurals - For an Informed Birth Experience

Get all the Answers You Need About Epidurals before labor.

This Epidural Workbook provides expecting moms with essential information that they need to know about epidurals before labor.


This workbook provides a comprehensive overview of the risk, benefits, and facts, helping moms like you make an informed decision about an epidural. 


Expert Information from an OB Nurse You Can Trust

With 8 years of OB experience, OB Nurse Kathryn will provide you with the knowledge and insight that comes from personally assisting and caring for moms with an epidural.


Kathryn helps to fill in the gaps about epidurals,  information your OB provider may not have told you at your OB visits.



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