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“Be prepared for that magnificent birth”.

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Pregnant and worried about your upcoming labor? 
Because you don't know what happens when you get to the hospital, you have questions about pain control, or you lack understanding of the medical interventions you may encounter? 

Or maybe you’ve been told the only thing you need to know about delivery day is “epidural.” What will you do if your epidural doesn't work? If labor slows and you're at risk for a cesarean birth? If the doctor offers an elective induction?


Unsure, have lots of questions? 

Relax mama I’ve got answers! Let's get prepared

Ready-Set-Deliver Master Course offers birth education, community, support, and live coaching with a labor nurse

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When you understand the labor process, know the choices for pain management, and are prepared for the unplanned you take the FEAR out of birth.

An epidural is not a birth plan, it's a birth wish. Be prepared for the unplanned so you will be confident in making well informed decisions for your birth. 

master course / $189.00

(P.S. This is the complete birth education class you were looking for!)

  • The Stages of labor

  • Pain management choices

  • Labor Progression

  • Medical Interventions

  • Delivery

  • Postpartum Care



  • Printable PDF’s

  • Private Facebook community

  • Weekly Q&A zoom calls

  • Birth plan review and scenario

  • Pop-up Trainnings



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Our courses are live!

Why? I love to connect with mamas and get to know YOU and answer all the questions you need. I want you to feel confident in your ability to manage birth


Also, you will receive PDFS with all the information you need for later review Got questions? Bring them to the Q&A sessions in the private Facebook Magnificent Mama Community. I'll be there to remove those birth fears and replace them with birth confidence. 

Not the same old download course and then goodbye.

As a former L&D nurse I know how the hospital birthing unit runs. I know the common birth events, and I know how to prepare moms for elective induction, epidural, or how to cope with labor pain for a non-medicated birth.


 I also help mamas prepare for the unplanned: epidural failure, labor stalls, or when pushing is not getting you results.

I give YOU a labor tool box to use as needed.


I explain the difference between medical labor and non-medical labor and I have Q&A time after each session plus the community group. 


Pregnancy is such a special time, but it comes with lots of questions and unknowns.

You’ve asked your friends and family for labor information only to hear about their labor horror stories. Or you are asking "Dr. Google" all those questions, and you are getting more overwhelmed and confused than ever… There is another way!

Be confident in your choice to have an elective induction or not. Feel confident in your ability to manage labor pain using natural & pharmaceutical means.  Feel confident about your upcoming birth, because you understand how to handle each stage of labor and you are capable of making the needed decisions.

No more fear, doubt, or overwhelm for you. 

You were made for birth and I’m here to make sure of that! 

You’ve got this!

It's all right here for you. The Ready-Set-Deliver course was designed to give you a feeling of community and support while you gain the information and knowledge you and your support person need.

Mamas keep calm and relax I’ve got you covered!

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 What we will talk about:

Sesion 1
The  Birth Process

Labor is long! So I discuss what to expect emotionally and physically. We will look in-depth at each stage of labor as I present the information you and your support person will need as your labor progresses. 

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After you complete the course you will feel confident to make the right decisions for your upcoming birth. 

Goodbye, to feeling overwhelmed and worried, hello confident and informed mama.

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Do you know what to do if labor stalls or if the baby just won't move down? Learn how using movement and peanut balls can give baby that little extra room that he/she needs to move down into the pelvis for shorter labor, quicker birth, and promote vaginal deliveries.

Unsure if this is really for you? Here are a few studies showing how using the peanut ball for laboring women can decrease the stage of labor, decrease the pushing stage, and decrease unscheduled cesarean births. 

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Moovin’ N Groovin’ with Peanut Balls for Moms / $65.00

Using movement and peanut balls for a faster birth. 

Moms don’t take labor laying down!

This hour and a half live online class is for moms who want to know how to use gravity, movement, and peanut balls to help shorten labor and encourage baby to move down into the pelvis.


Whether you are planning on having a medication-free birth or an epidural you can have a quicker birth, and I’m going to show you how. All you need is a little space and a birth tool: a birth ball. 

Want a private session? Contact me for details. 

Peanut Ball Academy for Birth Professionals  / $99.00

The basics (plus a few advanced moves for you overachievers!) of using stretches and peanut balls to help your patients have a quicker birth.


In this class, I teach you how I use body balancing movement, and peanut balls to open up the pelvic inlet, mid, or outlet in relation to the station of the baby. You will also learn how to choose the right size peanut ball for your patient and position.

Birth Doulas, Childbirth Educators, Nurses, Prenatal Yoga Instructions, and all those who work with laboring moms can benefit from attending this continuing education event. Want an in-person, hands-on workshop? Contact me today about hosting a training for your team. 




Ready to have that magnificent birth?
Join my course to get all the preparation and confidence you need.

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