Helping mamas have a


birth story.

“You were made for birth, you are magnificent... You've got this mama”

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The birth process is not a mystery. You can help labor progress and promote a vaginal delivery by understanding how you were created to give birth.

Don't give ALL your birth power to your medical care team,  learn your options and speak up during your birth. 

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Wondering how to cope with labor?

Hey mama you are not alone! All pregnant moms worry about how to cope with labor, and getting an epidural is often the number one choice, but epidurals are not foolproof. Epidurals can fail or not be available to you.

Be prepared for the unplanned and understand all your pain coping options, so you will feel confident on the Big Day. 

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Labor & Delivery nurse

I am

Kathryn Fauver

“I Prepare Moms to have a voice in their birth”

For nine years I had the joy of supporting moms through labor & postpartum, I currently share my knowledge, skills, and education with student nurses. But my true love is preparing moms for labor and motherhood through education and support.

I am here to help you determine the kind of birth you desire and together we prepare for your birth.

I want you to be confident and ready to handle whatever comes your way on delivery day and feel self-assured in your ability to labor and make choices in your birth. 


Mamas you don't have to fear labor
When you understand the labor process, know the choices for pain management, and are prepared for the unplanned, you take the FEAR out of labor. 

Come join the 6-week master LIVE course 


Preparing moms-to-be to feel confident about their upcoming birth. 

  • The Stages of labor

  • Pain management choices

  • Labor Progression

  • Medical Interventions

  • Delivery

  • Postpartum Care



  • Printable PDF’s

  • Private Facebook community

  • Weekly Q&A zoom calls

  • Birth plan review and scenario

  • Pop-up Trainnings



Stop being afraid and overwhelmed! 

After taking this course you will feel confident and in control of the decisions you make on the big day. 
You will be ready to give birth!

Knowledge is power!


"This is the

day you’ll never forget”


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Take control of your birth story, No “I wish I had known…” regrets. Feel calm and at peace when you look back on this day and the decisions you made.

While no one can predict the type of birth you will have, preparing and educating for your birth experience will take the mystery and fear out of delivery and give you your voice to have the best possible birth.


Peanut Ball Classes 

I’ll teach you how using movement and peanut balls can encourage the baby to move down into the pelvis for shorter labor, quicker birth, and promote vaginal deliveries.

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Thank you so much, Kathryn, for an amazing class this evening! I learned so much-- I could have hung around and chatted about brith for hours!

-Emma Kelley


You are not alone! 

 Come join our community!

That Magnificent Mama is a place for moms-to-be to gain an understanding of the labor process, learn how to increase your chances for a vaginal delivery, comprehend all your pain management choices, be prepared for the unplanned, get your support person ready, and find support through the private community with other moms just like you. 

“We have a secret in our culture and it's not that birth is painful. It's that women are strong.”